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At Corneliuson, we understand the finances surrounding veterinary practices, from average salaries to predicted expenditures and the services that generate the highest level of revenue. Our veterinary accounting firm in Minnesota guarantees that you’ll not only be able to focus more on your business while we handle the books, but that detailed reports of your finances are always just a click or call away.

Accounting Services for Veterinary Practices in Minneapolis

Accounting for veterinary practices in the Minneapolis area takes knowledge of the industry’s unique requirements, and our specialist veterinary accountants know the ins and outs. Our veterinary accountants provide a service offering for your practice that provides the tools to manage and improve your business month in and month out. We can build a customized income statement to track some or all of the following key performance indicators.

Services Offered:

Common Key Performance Indicators to Monitor in Your Practice:

  • Revenue per full-time veterinarian should be $300,000 – $500,000 per year
  • Veterinarian wages should be 23% of gross vet professional fees
  • Profit after veterinarian’s reasonable salary should be 10-20% of total practice revenue
  • Biggest expenses are usually salary (32%), drugs (15-17%) and rent (5-9%)
  • 80% of industry revenue is generated by services to dogs and cats
  • Average wages per employee are $35,000
  • Average number of employees is 7.6
  • Average revenue per employee is $101,000

Trusted Accountants for Veterinarians

Your employees have a passion for animals, not finances. That’s why our veterinary accounting firm is dedicated to creating a partnership that works in your business’ best interests. No matter what type of veterinary accounting services you need, Corneliuson has a solution. Call us today or contact us below to schedule your free consultation!

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