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Staying on Track with a Small Business Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

Managing small business financials is a critical task. When it comes to expenses, it’s important to organize and track everything,...

The Yearly Accounting Cycle


Considering Candidates With Employment Gaps

One of the more fascinating trends in the workforce lately has been the reemergence of middle-aged candidates who have not...

Knowing Your Business’s Marketing Structure: Horizontal VS Vertical

If you’ve just started your business, or you’re struggling with your current marketing strategy, it’s time to take a look...

Welcoming Aboard a CFO: An Important Decision

Welcoming aboard someone to handle finances at your small business is a big decision. Financial managers are mathematical management experts....

Lien VS Your Business? Get Rid of It

A lien has the potential to negatively affect you and your company. But exactly what is a lien? (more…)

Calculating Effects from Business Casualties and Disasters

Whenever there is an unfortunate event such as a fire or other natural disaster, small business owners are some of...